Improv Actors Throw Down, the Human Experience Goes Unplugged

Targeting this week's most-wanted events

Hot Club of Las Vegas

Hot Club of Las Vegas perform Jan. 28 at Scullery.


Imagine all of the excitement of a Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robots match, but replace the robots with actors. That’s Improv Throwdown. On Jan. 23, teams from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas will duke it out in the Clark County Library theater for audience approval.


The LA Times described Four Dogs and a Bone as “an excoriatingly funny take on the film world.” The play, staged at Onyx Theatre Jan. 23- Feb. 8, revolves around a producer, writer and two actresses whose conflicting whims interfere with the success of their upcoming motion picture. Kinda like when four dogs all dig for the same movie, err, bone.


Usually, the Human Experience at The Beat brings us delightfully offbeat open-mic nights on Mondays. They’re switching it up for the Human Experience Unplugged concert on Jan. 26. Local singer Jessica Manalo gets the spotlight with support from Sonia Seelinger, Cameron Calloway and more.


Don’t worry; it’s safe to Google “The Hot Club of Las Vegas.” The gypsy jazz band is a throwback to Django Reinhardt’s Hot Club of France from the ’30s and ’40s. They’re just the kind of group you’d hope to find sizzling in Scullery’s intimate theater. Catch them there on Jan. 28.

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