The Game Changer: Lawrence Vaughan

Co-founder, RealGaming

Photo by Jon Estrada

Photo by Jon Estrada

ACHIEVEMENTS When you consider his background, it’s not surprising that Vaughan is the youngest person granted an interactive gaming license by the Nevada Gaming Commission (he was 27). Born and raised in Las Vegas, Vaughan was always into computers. He created the employment search website in 2008, then took on the challenge of building an online poker client in HTML5. That became the genesis for, which Vaughan and others created from scratch. One of only two interactive poker websites doing business in Nevada—and the only one to offer poker on all platforms without a download—RealGaming is a partnership with South Point owner and Las Vegas casino legend Michael Gaughan.

Vaughan’s background as a coder inspired him to insist that the entire RealGaming system be built from the ground up instead of relying on old software designed for earlier times (and technologies). “We can offer new things every month,” he says, “and we’re situated to grow over the next 10 years.”

KEEPING IT REAL “You can’t just stick your brand on something from Europe,” Vaughan says. “This is a product developed in Nevada to suit Nevada’s needs.” That homegrown approach has given RealGaming an edge, thanks to its built-in social platform. Live, local customer support is another difference-maker. “That’s a Michael thing,” Vaughan says, showing how the customer-friendly approach of the local gaming pioneer is still a good one in the 21st century.

A SOLID GAME PLAN So far, the online gaming market has proven to be a tough one to solve. But Vaughan is confident he’s got the right formula. “We’re a local startup, filled with young people. We can give people quick, convenient, traditional and nontraditional games. And since we’re so lean, we have the flexibility to change as the players do.” With the potential for legalization in California and other states this year, there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing Vaughan’s local startup shaking up the national online poker scene.

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