Sizing Up Mayweather and Pacquiao

Last week, Manny Pacquiao announced he’s agreed to Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s terms for a potential May 2 superfight. Now while the world waits for The Money Team’s official response, let’s take a look at how these two titans match up—both in and out of the ring.



36 AGE 37
57-5-2 (38 KOs) RECORD 47-0-0 (26 KOs)
5-foot-6½ HEIGHT 5-foot-8
Pacman NICKNAMES Pretty Boy, Money May
$120 million NET WORTH $280 million
Tax collectors in the Philippines TOUGHEST OPPONENT Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Two-term Filipino congressman; actor (appearing in 8 feature films); recording artist; player/coach of a Philippine Basketball Association team SIDE PROJECTS Betting ungodly amounts of his $280 million on sports; never losing any of those wagers, judging by the betting tickets he posts to Twitter.
Kirby Asunto. She got her break singing the Filipino national anthem ahead of his 2012 fight against Timothy Bradley, proving that Pacquiao could pull a Trading Places and pick someone off the street to turn into a celebrity in the Philippines just by inhabiting Pacman’s orbit. NOTABLE PROTÉGÉ Justin Bieber. Floyd actually claims he can teach The Biebs how to be a champion. Hmm, we didn’t know there was a belt for having your manhood enhanced by Calvin Klein’s Photoshop wizards.
Salma Hayek. Exotic, devastating and you couldn’t take your eyes off her five years ago. Still remarkably capable, but you’re starting to feel like this is the beginning of the end. CELEBRITY ANALOG Paris Hilton. Frequents the clubs, spends way too much money on stupid shit, and you can’t help but feel like large chunks of her personality are carefully calculated for public consumption.

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