In Omnia Paratus (Prepared for Everything)

Newly-named Omnia resident DJ Chuckie sheds some light on the club’s imminent opening.


Clyde Sergio Narain is known worldwide as Chuckie, the creator of a widely popular dance subgenre called Dirty Dutch, which fuses hard sounds with the signature Dutch house style. Though he’s no stranger to Las Vegas, Chuckie will soon be playing a brand-new residency at a brand-new nightclub. He’ll debut during the opening weekend of Hakkasan Group’s newest nightclub, Omnia (formerly Pure, in Caesars Palace), the name of which means “all things” or “everything” in Latin. And by his description, it sounds like the creators of Omnia have really thought of everything.

Why did you choose to live in Aruba instead of L.A. or Amsterdam, where a lot of the other DJs live?

I always want to come home and have the feeling that I’m on vacation. When I’m on tour, I see the world and I go to the most amazing places. So I don’t wanna come home when it’s raining, you know? Most of the time in Holland it’s raining, and it kinda depresses me. Aruba, strategically, it’s like a two-hour flight to Miami. It’s between the Americas, between my territories, so that made it easier to decide. 

What artists do you hope to work with in the future?

I’ve always had this thing for finding the new kid on the block, who approaches things totally different than I do. This is really how I set up the label. I really launched Dirty Dutch Music this year, and I’m signing a lot of different types of talent from all over the world. Most of them—I don’t wanna call them “bedroom DJs”—but they have no name yet. Still, they’re amazing. At Omnia, I get the opportunity to book these talents and show them off to the world.

So you’ll be bringing in your own supporting acts with this Omnia residency?

That would be nice. I mean, at a certain point, somebody gave me a chance. I feel obligated to do the same thing.

Who was it, that first supporter of yours?

Back in the day, one of the guys who really gave me a big chance on an international scale was David Guetta. Back then I was famous, but just in Holland. Then I did an event with David Guetta and he was like, “Yo, they gotta see you, the rest of the world.” So he took me on tour, brought me to Ibiza, showed me little things about the scene, and introduced me to a lot of people.

It was recently announced that you’re moving from Marquee to Omnia. What do you know about the club so far?

I did a walk through when it was about 40 percent done, and the first thing you notice is that it’s enormous. When I did the walk through, I saw some renderings of the place and every single question I had, they covered. The lights, entertainment, visuals, sound system—every question was answered, and everything was really well thought out. Everything they learned from Hakkasan, all that knowledge, they put into Omnia.

Why did you make the switch to Omnia?

I was looking for the connection between the DJ and the crowd. [At Omnia], the DJ is almost in the center of everything. There’s enough happening behind you and right next to you and you’re so close to the crowd. Wherever you are in the room, you can still see the DJ. There are small logistic things, like the green room is really easily accessible for the artist. It’s also important that wherever you are in the club, the sound is nice and clear. I told them, “Look, if I’m gonna do the deal, I wanna make sure that we take it to the next level as far as visuals.” All the little things about stepping my own game up as far as entertainment and syncing music with visuals, they answered.

So you have a hand in the rest of the performance, outside of just the musical programming?

Yeah, we have a lot of meetings about that. Obviously, Omnia has its own style and I have my own style, so you try to combine both worlds and make sure it’s the perfect match.

Did you ever see the space when it was Pure?

I went there twice, and [Omnia] is nothing like that. It’s crazy.

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