The Crave Case Has Arrived, Sanctioned Taco Binging and Meet Vegas’ Fresh Meat

Mercadito’s trio of  guacamole. | Photo by Anthony Mair

Mercadito’s trio of guacamole. | Photo by Anthony Mair

It never ceases to amaze me that despite the number of outstanding burgers in this town, good folks still go bananas for White Castle, now open in Casino Royale (800-854-7666). Being from Chicago, I’m not afraid to admit that I have partaken in my share of drunken slider orgies, mowing down with wild abandon too many two-inch, steam-grilled square patties topped with confetti-sized grilled onions on squishy buns to count, only to taste regret the morning after. It seems only appropriate that the masses on the Strip should now share in this experience. I wonder if this location will accept reservations for Valentine’s Day, like others in the country have before. Keep that one in your back pocket just in case.

Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays anymore, thanks to all-you-can-eat tacos on Sundays and Mondays at Mercadito (in Red Rock Resort, 702-979-3609). For less than $20 per person, even the hungriest among you can pack away as many Baja-style fish, carne and al pastor, among other varieties, as you like. And if you feel like proving something, you can opt for the Mercadito Taco Challenge. The friendly competition costs $40, and requires you to put away 32 tacos in an hour (pro tip: it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register the signal that your stomach is full). Finish them all and your meal is free; you’ll also earn $200 in gift cards for a future Mercadito visit, not to mention bragging rights.

Delmonico Steakhouse (in the Venetian, 702-414-3737) has upped its beef game with the addition of cuts from a couple of fine cows. The certified Piedmontese cattle, which originated in Northern Italy, is a naturally lean breed that yields ultra tender meat without a lot of fat, which makes it perfect to be dressed as they do in Piedmont: Delmonico’s boneless New York strips and filet mignon will see only olive oil, sea salt, roasted garlic and rosemary. At the other end of the spectrum is the rib eye or filet of 100 percent A4 wagyu, which, unlike the Piedmontese, is prized for its marbling for a richer, fattier texture. Either way, meat should definitely be back on your menu this year.


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