Keep Calm and Carry-On Cocktails

How to fashion an Old Fashioned on an airplane


Photos by Jon Estrada

Sure, you could spend $25 on a carry-on cocktail kit … and still have to buy the booze on the plane. Or, you could totally DIY that task. All you need is to free up a little space in your carry-on bag for a few key ingredients. We teamed up with Delmonico Steakhouse beverage manager, mixologist and frequent flyer Max Solano for an On-the-Fly Old Fashioned.

Wheels Up

You’ll need: one or two 50-milliliter bottles of whiskey (bring or purchase on the plane), one sugar packet, one 20-milliliter bottle of bitters (find The Bitter Truth or Scrappy’s on, a little soda water, one stirrer and two cups or glasses, one empty, one with ice.

Cruising Altitude

Add the sugar to the empty cup. Add three to four dashes of bitters and ½ ounce water; mix well with the stirrer. Add the booze and fill with ice. Give it a quick stir, and pat yourself on the back.

Final Approach

If you’re feeling extra fancy, you could also carry on a swath of orange rind to zest over the top the drink and drop it in, or—if you’re from the fruited Old-Fashioned camp—a few Marasca cherries and a slice of orange to muddle before adding the booze and ice.

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