Reallionaire Jream Sends Us Postcards From His Journeys

Listen to the latest releases from local artists. In this week’s edition: rapper Reallionaire Jream returns from abroad to give us his free Postcards album, Bobby Meader goes through the motions in his latest video, art-punk outfit Candy Warpop give us the creeps and Love At First Sound proves he can go bar-for-bar with the best of them.

Reallionaire Jream – Postcards [Download/Stream]

Vegas native Reallionaire Jream, who was named the Best Rap Import/Export in our 2014 Best of the City issue, spent the last few years abroad growing both as an artist and individual. That growth is manifested on Postcards, his third full-length album. Inspired by his travels to six countries, Postcards features 11 tracks of profound lyricism. You can tell it was meticulously crafted as every word has a purpose. He shares wisdoms on the lounge-y “Lady Justice.” On “Money,” Jream drifts to various topics with a stream of conscious, spoken word delivery, scattering gems such as America: worst schools, best prisons and If you’re broke, the Vati-can cruci-fix ya over a Middle Eastern-inspired production. It’ll take a few listens for it all to sink in. Listen to Jream’s sermon below.


Bobby Meader Music – “Patti Mayonnaise” [Video]

When I saw the title to Bobby Meader‘s newest video, I got a little excited. I thought maybe it’d be some sort of nod to The Beets. Nope. The song doesn’t even mention Doug, or Patti for that matter (though mayonnaise gets a mention). That gripe aside, I’m glad I stumbled onto the melancholic song. As beautiful as it is sad—”I miss your voice when you speak,” he sings—the video shows Meader going through the motions of a starving artist, from waking up on a friend’s couch to peddling his own merch and hitting the open road in his Prius. The song appears on his upcoming Breakfast After Noon EP.


Candy Warpop – Sanctuary [Video]

Don’t watch psychedelic art-punk outfit Candy Warpop‘s “Sanctuary” if you’re squeamish. Not that it’s gory, but the worms, snakes, zombies, insects and animal being swallowed and regurgitated by the earth can be unsettling. Even lead singer Amy Pate gives me a bit of the spooks (it’s those crazy eyes!). You’ve been warned. The song appears on their latest release, Sunday in Hell.


Love At First Sound – Exit 75 [Download/Stream]

If you shrugged off Love At First Sound for being too soft or singing too much on his recent leaks, “Exit 75” should erase any doubts that the kid can really rap. He trades the introspection and Drake-ing for punchlines and wordplay over a simple drum-driven beat. I’m like a mix between Pablo Escobar and Picasso / In other words my art is dope, he raps. Give it a listen and see if you agree with that last bar.

Zoneil Maharaj spends a lot of time on the Internet as Vegas Seven’s engagement editor. Send him stuff to listen to at Follow him at @zoneil.


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