All Tied Up

Sin City Gallery's latest exhibit explores the art of erotic bondage

Hishi Karada Body Diamond | Photo by Marshall Bradford

Hishi Karada Body Diamond | Photo by Marshall Bradford

Lashed about the center and crisscrossing down the middle, rope binds and embraces the nude in a corset of knots. This sensual macramé of Japanese Shibari is a key element in Sin City Gallery’s new series of erotic photographs by Las Vegas artist Marshall Bradford.

The intricate rope patterns lend the figures a sculptural quality—like neoclassical scrollwork carved onto flesh. In the image “Sex and the Maiden,” the female form juts forward, the lashed mermaid figurehead cresting the prow of a ship at sea. In another image, the fading lace of lines upon skin is all that remains to trace the vestiges of recent bondage.

In conjunction with the photographs, a series of rope bondage classes ($5-$10, Feb. 24, March 7,14, 22) will be held in the gallery, illuminating the inspiring force behind the images.

“Most people love the feeling of being bound and helpless,” explains rope instructor Curious Bunny. “The feel of the rope against their skin and giving control to someone else. There is … an energy transfer that happens… [a couple] can be doing a scene in a room full of people and yet to the participants there is just the two of them there.”

Mentally or physically, let yourself get tied up for a while with these images.

Sin City Gallery is in the Arts Factory, 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Studio 120 , 702-608-2461,

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