Blast From the Past

do_your_bondi_doug_jablin_screenshot_youtube_WEBBefore now, if you wanted to know anything about the stop-start Las Vegas arts and culture scene of the early- to mid-1990s, you’d have to search out one of the wizened, mystical figures of that era—they live way out on the lawless frontier, where Jawas and Sand People roam freely—and ask them what Ye Olde Times were like. Were there nightclubs then? How did you communicate without texting? Thankfully, video artist Doug Jablin had cameras rolling almost constantly in that bygone age, and he’s begun to share the videos on his YouTube page: terrific footage from the defunct Fremont Street Reggae & Blues; the long-lost Club Utopia; the barely remembered Café Copioh; and— I swear to God I’ll get him for this—footage of me with long hair, a douche-y Van Dyke beard and a Lollapalooza T-shirt, imitating local artist Anthony Bondi. You’ll also find live sets from Candye Kane, Sheep on Drugs and Tippy Elvis, plus a must-see episode of UNLV District record-store patrons being assaulted by pool-noodle-wielding thugs, led by a cackling Ronn Benway in a pirate hat. After this, you’ll probably never ask about the ’90s again.