Free Implosions, Daily Rebates, Cheap Wings

To say that February started off with a bang is an understatement. By the time you read this, the Clarion Hotel will be dust, but you still have time to make it to this month’s second implosion. The dilapidated Gramercy tower on the southwest side of town will come down at 8 a.m. February 15. If watching a multimillion building—an unsightly reminder of the Great Recession—get blown up for free doesn’t qualify as a deal, I don’t know what does.

What tops an implosion? Apparently, the opening of a hamburger joint at center Strip. Being from Detroit, I get the “slider” mystique, but no little burger on the planet is worth more than a 15-minute wait in my book. Thankfully, the lines for the new White Castle at Casino Royale have quelled, and there are some other noteworthy developments at the property to report. For starters, dice players will be happy to learn that 100-times odds have been reinstated at the craps tables, making Casino Royale the only Las Vegas casino that deals an odds multiple this high.

If you don’t play craps, that might not resonate, but this probably will: Slot and video poker players can get a daily rebate on their first $20 in losses. This isn’t a one-time new-member offer, either; it’s a once-a-day promotion that’s as good as anything going in gambling givebacks today. And don’t forget that Michelob in the bottle is still just $1 all day at the bar.

Want more free gambling? Home Plate on Blue Diamond Road will give you one $20 match play every Sunday this month, and one per day February 14-18. Combine Casino Royale and Home Plate for a nice $40 video poker head start.

A couple of casinos are offering new $9.99 steak-and-lobster specials. The one at Rampart is served daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and comes with a side salad for $1.99 more. It’s a decent meal, but not as good as the Lucky Club’s. Lucky’s special runs 24/7, has superior lobster, and the side salad is only 99 cents.

On the entertainment front, tickets for the female comedy series Lipshtick at the Venetian have dropped drastically from a low price of $74 to $39.50, and mid-tier seating has been reduced by almost $50 to $49.50. This is a good opportunity to see top-level female comedians such as Lisa Lampanelli, Roseanne Barr and Whitney Cummings at a distinctly un-Venetian-like price.

Now that football is over, it’s gotten harder to find chicken-wing deals. The best I know of is at Babe’s Cabaret (near U.S. 95 and Russell Road), where they’re only a quarter apiece after 8 p.m. Mondays. What’s the catch? If you ask for ranch on the side, it’ll cost you an extra $1. OK, that makes it 33.3 cents for a dozen … or just go without the ranch.

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor.

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