Taking the Cake

Las Vegas nightlife celebrities Caked Up are hitting the road with Steve Aoki


Together, Oscar Wylde (a.k.a. Brandon Marstellar) and DJ Vegas Banger (Jeff Saville) make up Caked Up, the jocular Las Vegas disc jockeys who have just embarked on Steve Aoki’s nationwide Neon Future Experience tour. The duo will provide support for notorious cake-thrower Aoki on nearly two dozen tour stops, one of which will be at Hakkasan nightclub February 15. The hometown heroes sport a laid-back attitude, wild style and a sense of pride in their city. Not only have they embarked on a two-month musical journey across America, they’ve also recently collaborated with Las Vegas street-wear boutique Knyew on a T-shirt design. DJs and fashion plates? Piece of cake.

What about this Hakkasan date has you so excited?

Wylde: Just playing our hometown. We’ve been picky about what dates we play in Vegas, so I’m excited to be at—in my opinion—the best nightclub in Las Vegas.

Why did Aoki decide to take you guys on tour with him?

Wylde: I sent him a cake in the mail, and he liked it that much.


Wylde: Let’s just go with that. [Laughs].

Have you guys done anything on Aoki’s record label, Dim Mak?

Wylde: Our release [on his label] came out on February 10. It’s called “Rave Police.”

Why make Las Vegas your home base when you now have the world at your fingertips?

Wylde: Every [week] we’re meeting up with a friend who’s either playing at Surrender or [elsewhere locally], you know what I mean? When we go home, we’re still hanging out with other people who are visiting and playing, like, Hakkasan or Marquee.

What do you do with free time on tour?

Wylde: Most of the time, we never even have free time, ’cause we’re always flying. So we’ll get in and have to go straight to the venue and sound check. But when we do have downtime, I particularly like indulging in laser tag. I’m a Sergeant. It’s a thing. If you’re into laser tag, you know what that is.

How did the design collaboration with Knyew come about?

Wylde: We’re friends with the owners, who are DJs, as well. And we’ve been going to Knyew forever. I started modeling for them a year and a half ago, before Caked Up took off. They just supported us from Day One, and we just decided to do a collaboration with them.

Was it a one-off, or do you plan to put out more clothing?

Vegas Banger: We have some stuff in the works right now.

A whole line?

Wylde: You could say that—like guys and girls.

Vegas Banger: I would say a whole set. But we’re not gonna release anything for that until after our tour. We just wanna sell our current merchandise with Steve Aoki,  and after that we’re gonna do an entirely new merch line. We’ve got a ton of ideas, and all of the artwork is done for the shirts and the shorts. We just have to put it into production, which we’re not gonna do until we come back from tour.

What about your personal style—how do you decide what you want to wear to shows?

Vegas Banger: Basically, I’ve just been wearing Knyew for the past year. They’ve just been coppin’ us shirts and [they have] the long tees and dope kicks. We always have fresh kicks. I mean, [Wylde’s] got some custom Star Wars Vans on right now.

Wylde: I light nag champa [incense] and look into the mirror for about 30 minutes to decide between about seven different outfits. They all have to be pre-pressed and ironed, though. I have a digital program on my iPad that actually shows me my entire ensemble. Have you seen the movie Clueless? Cher has the same contraption.

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