The Coffeehouse Guide

Makers & Finders | Photo by Jon Estrada

Makers & Finders | Photo by Jon Estrada

Pardon our jitters—we’ve just spent the last few weeks checking out as many independent Valley coffeehouses as our personal caffeine tolerances could handle. That means no Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, no Dunkin’ Donuts and definitely no Starbucks. We’ve sampled single-origin pour-over, sipped low-acid siphon, tipped back draft cold-brew and, yes, thrown down a ton of dependable workaday drip coffee—all to bring you a compilation of some of our favorite ’feine scenes. And, just to keep this whole coffee thing in perspective, we give you the price of a small drip coffee at each place.

The Beat Coffeehouse | $1.99

How many Vegas Seven articles have been written at The Beat’s coffee bar? Um, if we told you that we’d probably have to pay barstool rent. Beautifully broken in is this Fremont East anchor spot that serves locally roasted, freshly brewed stimulants by day and adds craft beer and wine into the mix at 7 p.m. Note: The food menu has barely changed since Day One, but war might break out should the Slap & Tickle ever go away. 520 Fremont St., 702-385-2328,

Madhouse Coffee | $2.50

This dependable lazy-weekend spot (no longer affiliated with the 24-hour Madhouse at 8470 W. Desert Inn Rd.) just changed hands (again), so the jury’s still out on what will stay and what will go, from the comfy armchairs and tea selection to the freshly baked pastry and sweet coffee drinks available blended, hot or over ice. But what we hope will never change are the tender, chewy bagel breakfast sandwiches and the bright, never burnt espresso in the Americanos. 8899 S. Eastern Ave., 702-260-0430,

Makers & Finders | $3.50

An urban coffee bar that’s all coffee, no attitude. Don’t let the lofty prices deter you from planting yourself in a folding chair at the communal worktable or at the coffee bar—a lot of time and work goes into each cuppa. Have it your way: siphon, Moka, AeroPress, French press or just plain drip. There should be a support group for those addicted to the Lavender Latte. 1120 S. Main St., 702-586-8255,

O Face Doughnuts | $1.75

Pull up a stool at O Face’s ideal-height counter to blog and sip draft cold brew or Caffé Vita lattes surrounded by hipster gals in floppy felt hats daintily taking down orange Boston cream or Mexican chocolate doughnuts. Or, take an old-fashioned (the doughnut, not the cocktail) out to the patio for a little shade or a little sun. When you leave, pick up a growler of cold brew to go ($12 growler, $24 fills). 124 S. 6th St., 702-476-3223,

Holley’s Cuppa | $2.10

Pour-over is how it’s done at this spacious, sun-drenched neighborhood spot near Mountain’s Edge. Choose your roast (light, medium, dark), then either single-origin or a blend—the Zoom blend is popular, and it certainly got us buzzin’! Beans are ground to order. Fiends swear by the coconut sweetbread and the seasonal house-made pumpkin spice mix. Owner Holley Steeley’s second location, at the Gramercy, opens March 3. 9265 S. Cimarron Rd., 702-778-7750,

The Micro Greenhhouse (a.k.a. The Greenhouse) | $4

This self-described “coffee speakeasy” (think of unmarked bar doors during Prohibition … now imagine coffee is behind them instead of taps) serves pour-over coffee in the mornings and Garcia’s (as in Jerry; owner Kalani Wright’s father-in-law was a fan) bottled cold-brew coffee to go. Beans are from Colorado River Coffee Roasters. 4 E. Charleston Blvd.

Serenade | $3.50

This adorable, industrial-looking Korean coffee shop (yay, K-pop!) serves all the traditional espresso-based bevvies and has ample seating and outlets inside, and a covered patio outside. Not in a coffee mood? The green tea, purple potato and Yellow Cereal latte are hugely popular—the latter being a blend of steamed milk with sweet-potato jam topped with cornflakes—as is the pistachio frappe. Scope the ‘ade’ menu, for iced drinks made with fresh-squeezed fruit juice. 7920 S. Rainbow Blvd., 702-466-0616,

Tiffany Coffee

We loved Tiffany Coffee for its fluffy sweet-potato latte made with real sweet potatoes, steamed milk and optional espresso. And we weren’t alone. The petite shop attached to the Greenland Market has new owners and at press time was closed during renovations. We’ll find out if this tasty treat lives on when the place reopens as Dream Bean Coffee & Juice in April. 6850 W. Spring Mountain Rd.

Coffee, Tea or Me? | $1.60

The main attraction at this no-frills sandwich and coffee joint (besides the low prices, Thrifty ice cream and its being named for an exceptional tell-all book by two airline stewardesses) is the large-format coffee. Prosac in a Cup is three shots of espresso; Godzilla Prosac tops out at six. Not that you can’t whip through Starbucks and order the same, but you won’t hear the smooth Muzak renditions of your favorite pop tunes. 2600 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 121, 702-776-7220,

Sambalatte Torrefazione | $2.25

This is the spot that really ushered in third-wave coffee in Las Vegas and opened our eyes to more than just caffeine’s jolt. Remote workers flock for the fast, free Wi-Fi and slow pour-over single-origin brew from Africa to South America. Lattes—and flat whites and other steamed-milk-topped specialties—are the canvas of Sambalatte’s baristas, artists who play with dairy and coffee. The Nutella latte is the business, by the way. Three locations,

The Black Cup | $1.99

Serving Sunrise Coffee’s Sumatra drip, the Black Cup is a convenient walk-up window that allows you to get a quick cup of joe before you stroll though Container Park. And if the java doesn’t perk you up, being caught off guard by the park’s giant flaming mantis will. 707 Fremont St., 702-527-7599.

Tiabi Coffee & Waffle Bar | $1.75

Specializing in waffles, Tiabi has a long list of specialty drinks, such as Tiff’s Macchiato with cinnamon and vanilla, topped with whipped cream and, yes, a churro waffle. Everything on the menu has a vegan option, too! 3961 S. Maryland Pkwy., 702-222-1722,

Inspire News Café | $2.31

Walk up to the window or come inside and sip a cup of Illy coffee while reading one of the newsstand’s 200-plus magazines, from Hi-Fructose to National Geographic, available to browse or buy. 501 Fremont St., 702-910-2388,

Perk Up Coffee | $1.80

Choose from a long list of lattes at this independent shop in Southern Highlands while enjoying the rotating art exhibits by local and regional artists. Perk Up is currently showing Jeff Swenty’s 8 BIT WOOD, video-game character pixel art made from wooden tiles. There’s also a sunny patio outside and a gas fireplace inside. 11370 Southern Highlands Pkwy., 702-473-5700,

Café Leoné | $1.50

This traditional Italian coffee shop’s menu of house-made breakfast staples is perfect for enjoying on the café’s large patio at Tivoli Village. Try it with the Nutella cappuccino, a favorite of regulars. 400 S. Rampart Blvd., 702-684-5853,

Chieti | $1.90

For some of the freshest coffee in the Valley, head west, where Chieti roasts all of its beans in-house. Order yours drip, pour-over or siphon-brewed. All beans are available for sale, along with Chieti’s large selection of loose-leaf tea. 5825 W. Sahara Ave., 702-487-6800,

Avery’s Coffee | $1.50

Avery’s coffee is roasted in-house by hard-working roasters including owners Sherman and Linda Ray. The warm, comfortable space in Village Square is a relaxing place to enjoy a fresh cup with a gourmet sandwich or pannino. Sherman answers all of your burning coffee queries and gives brewing advice on the spot’s website. 9940 W. Sahara Ave., 702-476-2063,

Café Darak | $3

Everything in this cute-to-the-10th-power Korean café is reasonably priced, from the espresso drinks and tea to the lemonade and smoothies. Each drink is served on a neat little tray with a wind-up toy and small plant to add some whimsy. For a change from the usual coffee and honey bread, try the hot grapefruit tea with honey and sip it in the Volkswagen bus-shaped tent. Just remember to take your shoes off. 8665 W. Flamingo Rd., 702-370-4657,

3940 Coffee & Tea | $4

Located in the Delano, caffeine lovers can indulge in exotic tastes from the world’s top coffee regions with the Coffees of the World menu. Your cup is served using the Clever Coffee system, a brewing technology that combines the best features of the French press and filter drip techniques. In the Delano, 702-632-9444,

Sunrise Coffee | $1.85

Order quality drip coffee, pour-overs or handmade specialty drinks such as the Orange Mocha or Truffle Berry lattes each made with Sunrise’s in-house-roasted coffee beans, Mothership Coffee Roasters. If you’re hungry, check out the vegan and vegetarian breakfast, lunch and baked goods menus. 3130 E. Sunset Rd. 702-443-3304,

Grouchy John’s | $2.15

Offering nearly 20 options of flavored lattes and other coffee-based drinks—as well as cold drinks, food and stacks of board games—about the only thing grouchy about Grouchy John’s are the bloggers and studying medical students when the nearby school lets out and the place teems with ’tweens. 8520 S. Maryland Pkwy., 702-778-7553,

Tipsy Coffee House | $1.95

Tipsy has a homey feel, locally bottled chai, drip and Chemex coffee and plenty of espresso drinks. You’ll also find house-made almond milk and tasty treats, including its signature truffles. 6496 Medical Center St., Suite 102, 702-754-1239,

The Human Bean | $1.75

Do not let Google guide you to this totes adorbs drive-through behind the Shell station at the corner of Camino Al Norte and West Washburn Road—you will end up confused and coffee-less in a residential neighborhood. But one rich chocolate macadamia breve (espresso with half and half) from the friendly baristas, and all will be forgiven. 5265 Camino Al Norte, 702-399-6300,

Baguette Cafe | $1.95

It’s a family affair at this bustling office park cafe, dependable at lunchtime for stunning soups, salads and sandwiches prepared with much amour by owner Olivier Brouillet and his parents, Claudie and Lucien. The Illy coffee menu is simple, but executed with exceptional speed and concentration by a dedicated barista. Which one is Olivier? You can’t miss him as he’s always manning the register, remarkably cheery and ready with a broad “Bonjour!” for his many French-speaking regulars. Three words for you bloggers and remote workers: $1 coffee refills. 8359 W. Sunset Rd., 702-269-4781.