A Peek Inside LAX’s Million-Dollar Remodel

A rendering of the new VIP tables.

A rendering of the new VIP tables.

New look for a New Year: LAX has just undergone an expensive facelift. The Luxor club’s million-dollar update features not only physical renovations, but also implements new programming and operations to better suit its clientele. MGM Resorts International recently took over ownership and management of the space, which also marks MGM’s first independent nightlife venture since Studio 54 was still open where Hakkasan now stands.

One of the most notable changes is the new system by which bottle-service patrons will check in. The bar formerly known as Savile Row, nestled below the club’s main entry stairs, now acts as a sort of upscale waiting area for table customers. Rather than making VIPs wait to be seated in stanchioned-off lines or holding pens outside of the club, patrons may now relax in the new lounge with access to a bar and comfy seating, away from the general admission crowds while their reservations are sorted out.

A look at LAX's new dancefloor.

A look at LAX’s new dancefloor.

The interior of the club sports more subtle updates. The décor, which formerly centered almost entirely on sultry red and black, has been replaced with a chic palette of silver, gold and bronze. Dark corners once enshrouded by curtains have been opened up to reveal the beautiful arches of the halls and show off the ample size of the venue. New lighting as well as interactive performers and dancers add to the polished-up feel of the space. Music-wise, commercial pop music will dominate the new sound system, replacing open-format, and on Thursday’s #TBT night, DJs will spin hits from the ’90s and 2000s—for you nostalgic types.

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