Balance Your Life With Feng Shui


No matter when you start a new year, the goal is to invoke the good and discard the bad. So as Chinese New Year approached, we asked feng shui master consultant Lin Huang how to best increase balance and harmony.

What’s your advice for someone looking to redecorate a home?

Keep the rooms dynamic. Follow an “out with the old, in with the new” policy, causing the chi energy to be symbolically replenished. Rejuvenate the rooms from year to year. Bright lights and pets generate yang energy, and plants will soften the flow of energy. Underplay the presence of yang energy when decorating bedrooms.

Choose subtle lighting and soothing, neutral colors. Earth colors are grounding and relaxing. Keep decorative objects to a minimum, and do not hang photographs or pictures of people.

How does one use feng shui to create balance in their love life?

Activate and energize the southwest corner of your bedroom with the placement of a natural crystal. This will enhance greater harmony and happiness in all your relationships.

Can you use feng shui to boost your financial fortune?

Feng shui practices to enhance financial success are also intended to strengthen the attribute of gratitude. Place water features such as fountains and aquariums in the home and office, knowing that it symbolizes prosperity flowing into your life in myriad forms. Also carry three Chinese coins with red thread in your purse and wallet to activate and symbolize a never-ending source of income.

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