Surfer Blood Rides the Reverb Wave

The Bunkhouse Saloon, Feb. 21


Photo by Alexander Zayas

The Bunkhouse was soaked in reverb-laden surf pop thanks to a brief yet satisfying set by Florida’s Surfer Blood. The band’s 13-song set flew by almost as fast as the buzz-saw guitars they played in “Miranda” and new song “I Can’t Explain.” The quartet seemed right at home in their first performance at the venue when singer/guitarist John Paul Pitts stepped off stage to join fans in a sing-along during “Take It Easy.” Not bad for a band with a singer who looks like a high school nerd-turned-grunge hero.

While the band’s stage presence and setlist were solid, Sufer Blood fell victim to bad aesthetics. Pitts’ vocals were downright inaudible at times, especially during the driving drums of “Anchorage.” While this may have been a voluntarily choice for Pitt to mimic the vocals on the band’s recordings, it made for a mediocre performance—especially given the Bunkhouse’s otherwise stellar sound. ★★✩✩✩

Photos by Alexander Zayas