Trade Voorhees Goes Psycho, Thelonius Gawd Is a Sex Symbol

Listen to the latest releases from local artists. In this week’s edition: rapper Trade Voorhees and director Rob Seher pay homage to Hitchcock, Thelonius Gawd drops a new LP, Jourdan Jackson takes us to Lewis Park, and Rob and Pure Joy share their “Stories.”

Trade Voorhees – “Norman” [Video]

I really should have put Trade Vorhees in my rappers to watch in 2015 list. If “Norman” is any indication, his new album (dropping March 14) will be equally dark and brilliant. The song itself is a nod to Hitchcock’s Psycho with lyrics about, well, what you’d expect. We also get to hear Trade work his vocals by singing on the hook. I imagine he’d have a ton of female fans if he made songs for women instead of songs about murdering them, but that’s never been his style. Accompanying the music is director Rob Seher’s chilling video. It’s definitely worth a watch and repeat listens.

If you’re digging the music, Trade performs this Friday at Recognizing Real skate shop and recording studio (845 W. Craig Rd., Suite 102) alongside Thelonius Gawd, Rob Falco, LeRoy CHOPS and more.


Thelonius Gawd – Sex Symbol [Stream/Download]

Speaking of Thelonius Gawd, the Northtown repper dropped his Sex Symbol LP on Valentine’s Day. Produced mostly by Killer Mantis, the album is full of airy, atmospheric production reminiscent of Clams Casino’s work on Live.Love.A$AP, complimenting the Gawd’s loose and laidback style. Just listening to “FUNKTION” has me leaning. That said, he can get lyrical when the occasion calls for it, such as on “Blue Flame.” And he can still bring the turn up—”Lixx” and “XXX” will blow out your speakers.


Jourdan Jackson ft. Kush Lennon – “Sidewalk to Lewis Park” [Stream/Free Download]

On his 25th birthday, rapper Jourdan Jackson dropped off his newest single, “Sidewalk to Lewis Park,” giving us a tour of his east side neighborhood over a jazzy Illnstrumentals production. The song might do little to increase tourism in the area, but if you grew up on the other side of the tracks, it’ll make you reminisce about your own coming of age.


Rob and Pure Joy – “Stories” [Video]

Alternative rockers Rob and Pure Joy just dropped the video for “Stories” earlier this month. The song, off of their debut EP Chapter One, is straight-up rock ‘n’ roll with roaring guitars and fierce vocals from frontwoman Pure Joy. The Mark R. Johnson-directed video features live performance footage and library shenanigans.

Zoneil Maharaj spends a lot of time on the Internet as Vegas Seven’s engagement editor. Send him stuff to listen to at Follow him at @zoneil.


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