Fans ‘Fall in Love’ With Phantogram, Again

Brooklyn Bowl, February 23

Phantogram | Photo by Chase Stevens/Kabik Photo Group

Phantogram | Photo by Chase Stevens/Kabik Photo Group

Phantogram frontwoman Sarah Barthel’s bedazzled Cheetah print leggings almost outshined her band’s fantastic performance at Brooklyn Bowl. The New York electronic rock duo appeared as a four piece in its first headlining show in Las Vegas, and their performance was worthy of a major festival (they last appeared at Life is Beautiful in October).

Barthel and guitarist Josh Carter used the entire stage as they headbanged and danced during the crisp, syncopated rhythms of “Don’t Move” and opener “When I’m Small.” Each performed a song under the spotlight: Carter serenaded fans in an intimate rendition of “I Don’t Blame You”; Barthel made Sir Mix-a-Lot proud with her booty-shaking during the R&B banger “Fall in Love.” The two displayed chemistry when they worked together on the dual vocals in “The Day You Died.” The band ended its 16-song set with an added climax in “Celebrating Nothing,” and as the fans wildly applauded, Barthel made a promise: “Thank you all! We’re definitely coming back.” ★★★★✩

Photos by Chase Stevens/Kabik Photo Group

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