Grab Your Scooter, Eat Farm-Fresh Food and Brush Up on Your Belly Dancing

A curated guide to your week in the city


Thursday, Feb. 26

Combine scooters and Las Vegas, and you have an event fit for a bunch of Brits (they’re so silly). It’s the High Rollers Weekend, and it’s all about big fun and little rides through Saturday. There’ll be music, parties, vendors, scooter rides into the desert and a few parties. Most events are Downtown, with the rally at the Downtown Grand.

Friday, Feb. 27

It’s almost spring, which means one thing: Time to dump cash into beautifying your home. Here to help you do that is Home Expo Las Vegas, three days of stuff you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. From garage floors to kitchens, it’s all at Cashman Center through Sunday.

Saturday, Feb. 28

Seems like you can’t go a weekend around here without a themed 5K run to get you off the couch. This week it’s the Blacklight Run, 6 p.m. at Sam Boyd Stadium. Wear a white shirt, get covered in powder that glows under black-light stations set up around the course, run 5 kilometers and party afterward. We’re in!

Sunday, March 1

farmers_market_WEBWe’ve been slacking when it comes to sending you up to North Las Vegas to enjoy some quality time. Today we make up for that by highlighting the On the Ranch Farmers and Artisan Market, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Craig Ranch Regional Park. Discover farm-fresh food, fully cooked meals, entertainment, arts and crafts and perhaps a new appreciation for the amenities of this fine city.

Monday, March 2

UNLV’s Department of Anthropology is rolling out some interesting think pieces as part of their colloquium series. Tonight’s brain food: anthropologist William Jankowiak speaking on “The Return of the Chinese Mistress: What It Can Tell Us About Marriage, Human Emotions and Chinese Culture.” Funny, we weren’t aware they’d ever gone away. 5:30 p.m. at UNLV’s Beam Hall;

Tuesday, March 3

Continue your exploration of Chinese culture with Shen Yun, a wondrous telling of ancient legends and heroic tales through music and dance, 7:30 p.m. at The Smith Center, with shows through Wednesday. This is 5,000 years of history as told by classically trained dancers and an East-meets-West orchestra.

dancer_WEBWednesday, March 4

Ready to brush up on your dance skills? Then shuffle your way down to the Charleston Heights Arts Center, 800 S. Brush St., for Ethnic Express’ instructional evening in Arabic, Armenian, Greek and other dance styles. No need to bring a partner; just be there at 6:30 p.m.