‘Trust’ Worthy: Jerry Lewis and Nicolas Cage to Film Vegas Movie Together


In a move sure to unite Internet-addled millennials with their age-addled grandparents, Jerry Lewis has joined the cast of The Trust. With Nic Cage.

What kind of Tarantino-fever-dream-casted monstrosity is The Trust, you ask? Fair question. First, we need to assure you this is a real movie and not, as you might reasonably expect, a Mad Lib put together by Reddit.

Cage and Elijah Wood play cops working the evidence room of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. One finds a vault stuffed with drug money sealed in the back of a convenience store, so they Wonder Twin-powers-activate to pull off a heist. Again: Real movie, not Mad Lib. It will be filmed locally, which probably helped convince Lewis to do the flick in the first place.

Lewis will play Cage’s father (and possible retired Holocaust clown), which makes so much sense we can’t believe no one’s suggested it in a movie before now. The only way it could make more sense is if Lewis played Jim Carrey’s bitter onscreen father who spends two hours berating his son for stealing his entire act and making a fortune off it while poor dad has to spend 40 years of his career hearing about how only the French find him funny.

Directing are Ben and Alex Brewer, who previously directed absolutely fucking nothing. Right now, IMDB.com lists Cage as Jim Stone, Wood as David Waters and third-billed Abigail Rich as “Sexy bartender.” (Maybe that’s supposed to be Sex E. Bartender, like a Bond girl?)

There is nothing about this little matryoshka of delight that doesn’t sound completely amazing. At the very least, we’re going to camp out ahead of the premiere like it’s a new Star Wars flick and we just bought a Chewbacca costume. Are the Brewers willing to accept a Kickstarter for someone to keep cameras trained on Cage and Lewis through the entire filming? If not, could someone at least explain to us what a Best Boy does, so we can pass ourselves off as one?

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