Seven Reasons to See John Mulaney Live

John Mulaney | Photo by Mindy Tucker

John Mulaney | Photo by Mindy Tucker

Former Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney makes his Vegas stand-up debut March 6 at the Terry Fator Theatre. Here’s why you should go:

1. He wrote and aired three to four sketches every week on SNL. He’s the Emmy-winning genius who, along with Bill Hader, created Weekend Update’s hilariously clueless city correspondent, Stefon.

2. He’s got tales from SNL’s 40th anniversary show. “I sat in a room with Steve Higgins and Norm Macdonald working on Celebrity Jeopardy,” he says. “I need a three-and-a-half-hour TV special just to talk about it.”

3. Mulaney haters gonna hate. When asked about the harsh reviews of his Fox sitcom, he said: “Doing comedy is like dealing with girls in high school. If they don’t like you right away, they don’t like you. … They just go ‘Eww, no!’ Critics are the same way. They all go, ‘Eww, no!’ right away.”

4. Google “John Mulaney Delta Airlines.”

5. Mulaney has more in store. “I would love to be on tour,” he says of his future, adding “Nick Kroll and I are putting something together for next fall.”

6. He understands Vegas. While here for his bachelor party, he and his friends wanted to see Britney Spears: “We went up to the VIP desk and I gave them my name. They said ‘We have no tickets for you.’ There’s nothing less VIP-looking than standing in a suit at a VIP desk and being turned away.”

7. Stand-up is his true love. “If I can be in Las Vegas 50 years from now doing a show,” Mulaney says. “I’ll be very happy.”

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