Omnia Lands Bieber and Other Big Scores

Rousey nabs a huge paycheck and NFL stars catch a glimpse of Tao (and Chumlee)

Illustration by Jon Estrada

Illustration by Jon Estrada

So Ronda Rousey took home $130,000 for demolishing Cat Zingano at UFC 184. Given the fight lasted 14 seconds, that means Rousey’s hourly rate is just north of $33.4 million (and that doesn’t even count her pay-per-view cut). Hey, that’s even better than DJ money.

The point being, Bob Arum doesn’t really need to hook up Rousey with tickets to the May 2 Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight. Before arm-barring herself to the fastest hundred grand you can ever make short of hitting Megabucks, Rousey joked she only took the fight so she’d be able to afford ducats to Mayweather-Pacquiao. Afterward, Arum, who promotes Pacquiao, said he’d make sure Rousey got in on the arm. She keeps fighting like this, and she’ll be able to buy Justin Bieber and dress him in a little sailor suit for her own ring entrances.

The Biebs just turned 21 (you’re welcome, bartenders of America), and did the first leg of this ongoing Roman triumphus of all things Bieber: renting a private island. Not a bad start, but the real fun kicks in March 14 when he’s booked to celebrate his newfound entry into the world of maturity and adult responsibility at Omnia. Good for them for keeping the celebrity shindig alive in the nightclub world, although we have no idea what kind of insurance premiums a place has to pay to protect against a drunken Bieber spraying the club with his entitlement-powered scent glands. There ain’t enough tomato juice in all of Caesars Palace to get that funk out of Omnia’s new leather banquettes.

For those clubs that are soldiering on with a Bieber-free talent roster, Chumlee is available for any and all of your parties. He was at Tao on February 28, though not in his new capacity as a spinner of songs. (If he were, he’d have been decked out with a pair of Hawaiian Nike Dunks, Nerf basketball hoops and guns, and multiple boxes of Girl Scout cookies, per a rider TMZ got its hands on.) Instead the Pawn star was partying with friends, while NFL wide receivers A.J. Green had one table and Calvin Johnson had another. Oakland Raiders running back Maurice Jones-Drew was there, too. If only it were Matt Forte instead, the club would’ve had half the first round of your fantasy draft in the building. That would not, however, stop you from being the guy who took Adrian Peterson last year and has a good feeling about Robert Griffin III’s ability to stay on the field in 2015.

At least, as DJs go, the odds of Chumlee having hackers come after his naked pictures are slim. Not so much for Hakkasan’s Calvin Harris, who’s reportedly threatening to sue anyone who publishes the pics of his, uh, knobs and slider.

Speaking of people who deal exclusively with tracks pumped through an impressive sound system, Britney Spears drew Britney Spears 2055 lookalike Steven Tyler to her Piece of Me show February 27. On hearing the news, Joe Perry, unsure if Tyler was currently in or out of Aerosmith, fired his lead singer for the 43rd time.

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