White Castle Calculus and a Topless Bargain

White Castle mania has subsided at Casino Royale to the point where you can at least get to the counter. But once there, how do you order? They like to sell the little sliders in volume, so there are posted prices to buy by the “sack,” the “case” or the “crate,” but nowhere on the menu is there a price for an individual burger—or even what the choices are.

After doing some investigating, it turns out there are only four “burger” items available: The original slider (hamburger) is $1.29; a cheese slider or jalapeño cheese slider is $1.59; and a chicken ring slider is $1.99. What’s the strategy? Sticking with the basic hamburger, a sack of 10 is $11.99. That’s $1.20 each, or a 9 cent-per-burger savings from ordering individually. If you order a case of 30, it’s $34.99, or $1.17 each. And if you order a crate of 100, it’s $109.99, which is $1.10 each. These aren’t stellar volume deals, which means there’s not a lot of incentive to order big. In fact, if you order a sack and don’t eat all 10, you’d save money by ordering individually from one to nine.

Speaking of Casino Royale, I got it wrong a few weeks ago when I wrote that they offer players $20 a day in loss rebates. It’s a one-time rebate when you join the club, then an ongoing $20 per every additional $100 you lose. That’s good and bad. Losing 80 percent is always better than losing 100 percent, but if you’re getting rebates, it means you’re … losing. Bottom line: This is a good option for some social play—don’t go wild with it.

There’s a new topless show in town. These shows tend to be similar—you know, French maid and cowgirl get-ups, “Cherry Pie” and “Hey, Big Spender” on the song list—but Sexxy at the Westgate stands out for its affordability. At $38.90 after taxes and fees, it’s priced $10 below Fantasy, $25 below X Rocks and $35 below X Burlesque. Plus, Sexxy is beginning to appear in half-price options, which makes it a $20 ticket.

Here’s a somewhat unlikely deal on the high end: Jackson’s Bar and Grill (6020 W. Flamingo Rd.) is having a “Fun Dining” event March 7. It’s a five-course gourmet dinner prepared by their own chefs and comes with tequila pairings. You won’t get a meal like this for $60 at any other video poker joint in town. Get details at LVFunDining.com.

Finally, PT’s has added select $5 appetizers to its already solid daily happy-hour specials. Now in addition to 50 percent off breakfast from 6 to 10 a.m., appetizers are $5 from 5 to 7 p.m. and midnight to 2 a.m. (you also get 50 percent off pizzas and drinks during those times). What makes this one so good is that it’s offered at all 48 PT’s and sister properties throughout the Valley.

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor.