Almost Normal Won’t Fade Into ‘Oblivion,’ Payola Presley Are On Fire

Listen to the latest releases from local artists. In this week’s edition: indie duo Almost Normal let go, Payola Presley rock on and rapper Yowda ain’t playin’.

Almost Normal – “Oblivion” [Video]

If any of the casinos were taking bets on the next rock band to break out of Vegas, I’d double down on Almost Normal. The indie-alternative duo is serious about their craft. Everything from the construction of their songs to their live performances are meticulously crafted. Their latest video, “Oblivion,” is no exception. Driven by Ashley Lampman’s powerful vocals, the song touches on the duo’s musical journey from quartet to tagteam. They enlisted director Jake Stark (who filmed rapper Ekoh’s action short “This Is Not A Robbery“), whose simple yet striking visuals perfectly compliment the song’s themes of letting go and pushing forward.


Payola Presley – “Set Me On Fire” [Stream]

Electro-indie duo Payola Presley just dropped the first single from their new EP of the Year, “Set Me On Fire.” While they’ve taken some very electronic turns in the past, “Set Me On Fire” is very much rock ‘n’ roll, so don’t let the “electro” label frighten you. Naming your project EP of the Year might be a bold statement, but if the rest of it sounds like this, it should at least get them an honorable mention.


Yowda ft. Riff Raff – “Wish That I Was Playin'” [Stream]

Can I get ignant for a second, or, more precisely, two minutes and 25 seconds? Rick Ross’ Las Vegas soldier Yowda dropped an infectious banger a few weeks ago with Houston’s walking absurdity Riff Raff. While I’m not exactly the biggest Yowda fan, I do have a weird fascination with Riff Raff’s outlandish raps. And Riff clearly steals the show on this one.

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