Steve Angello Sets the Night On Fire


Angello by Brenton Ho

Giving new meaning to the term ‘hot spot,’ Steve Angello is the first DJ to incorporate fire into an indoor nightclub production on the Strip, making Life Nightclub in SLS figuratively, if not literally, the hottest spot in town.

Angello says the music made him to do it. “There is an aspect of danger found in the music that the flames enhance,” he says. “When you see them, it instills a sense of fear and excitement, and many parts of the music speak to that. They make you feel alive.”

The flames are dispersed via a three-tier ladder truss that runs off a single propane line behind the DJ booth. The result is a wall that shoots flames in time with the music. The vessels are known as FirePixels, and they are the invention of San Francisco-based company LiveSpark.

While Angello employs the standard nightlife bells and whistles, such as LED lights and confetti, during his production, he knows that the fire is what people will remember most about his visuals. “Flames bring the rawness and intensity found in the music to life,” he says. “It breathes and explodes—just like fire.” 

Catch fire with Steve Angello at Life Nightclub in SLS on March 14, April 4 and April 24;

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