Dannic Has a ‘Golden Heart’

The Dutch DJ/producer talks about his love of fast cars and devoted fans


Dannic | Photo by Gerard Henniger

Dannic | Photo by Gerard Henniger

Dannic recently made his residency debut at rooftop club, Drai’s. While the Dutchman is inspired by his fans around the world, he still comes home to road race his new whip to unwind. Catch up with Dannic—if you can—at Drai’s on April 17.

What do you do in your free time on the road?

I’m always working on music. When I have downtime, I open up my laptop and work on new edits or new tracks.

Are you more creative when you’re on your laptop on the road or when you get to sit down in an actual studio?

When I’m on the road. My biggest inspiration comes from the DJ shows I do. I get to read the crowd and see what they react to. There’s so much inspiration in that. It’s so hard to force being creative when you’re at home in the studio. You just have to imagine how it would sound on the dance floor. [On tour], it’s really easy to make something and then test it the same night.

What’s your favorite part about going to different cities?

Touring is great, but I don’t like the traveling part. I see a lot of hotels and airports and stuff. But what I do like is meeting new people and playing different crowds every night.

Has there been something that has happened on tour that made it all especially satisfying?

In December, I was playing at a club in Korea and we did a meet-and-greet backstage. When I met the people, they started crying because they saw me. It was something really strange, but it was nice to see people who are that into your music and who really appreciate what you’re doing. It was a surprise, but cool.

Do you get to relax and hang out when you play Las Vegas?

Yeah. I love Vegas. Some people hate it, some people love it. It’s cool just to walk around and see crazy people doing crazy stuff.

Did you get to see Drai’s prior to your residency debut?

This last year I was at Light, which was really cool as well. But I heard a lot of stories about Drai’s from my fellow colleagues and when I was off, I had a quick look around; I was there for a half an hour, and it really blew my mind. It was so crazy production-wise and the whole setup. The DJ is right in the middle, and it has a big general-admission dance floor, so the fans can enjoy the shows.

What types of songs do you usually like to play in your sets?

Right now, definitely “Wait for You,” my own song with Shermanology. I have a bunch of unreleased tracks that I’m playing right now that are doing well. I can’t talk much about it, but I have a collaboration with Lucky Date coming up and HRRSN. That one was released on March 7. And obviously, the edit for “Golden Hearts” that I just released. I always try to play a lot of my own tracks. Like 80 to 90 percent [of my set] is my own material.

In an interview, you once said you’d race cars like in The Fast and the Furious if you could. Are you a speedy driver?

Oh, yes. I just bought a new car, and this one’s pretty fast. It took me just one day to get a speeding ticket.

What did you get?

An Audi.

What’s your dream car?

Definitely a Ferrari. And it has to be red. A Ferrari always has to be red.

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