Celebrity Mixologist to Make What’s Old Good Again

1900 Classic martini

1900 Classic martini

Some people simply can’t rest on their laurels. Such a man is celebrity mixologist Salvatore Calabrese. To some, he is the Salvatore Calabrese of the Cromwell’s lobby bar, Bound by Salvatore Calabrese. Or, if you’re so worldly, he’s also the Salvatore Calabrese of Salvatore’s Bar in Playboy Club London. Still, others know him as the former record holder for the world’s most expensive cocktail. (In 2012, Calabrese combined Clos de Griffier Vieux Cognac from 1788, Kummel liqueur from 1770, Dubb orange curaçao from 1860 and two dashes of Angostura aromatic bitters from the 1900s to make Salvatore’s Legacy, which at the time cost £5,500.) It was simultaneously the world’s oldest cocktail.

Not being one of those laurel-resters, Calabrese will on March 30 attempt the record for the world’s oldest martini at a private event where he will combine Park & Tilford New York gin and Orange Bitters, both circa 1900, and Noilly Prat vermouth circa 1890. If you’re at all curious what 125-year-old vermouth tastes like, you’re in luck as the aged ingredients will be available at Bound … while they last.


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