Slum Village School’d Attentive Hip-Hop Heads

Insert Coin(s), March 19

Slum Village | Photo by Linda Evans

Slum Village | Photo by Linda Evans

J Dilla was one of the most admired producers in hip-hop history. So when the Slum Village founding member died in 2006, many were left to wonder what would be next for the Detroit group. After a few lineup changes, T3 and Young RJ have kept the name and spirit of Slum Vil alive. And on March 19, they rocked with a room of passionate fans. “2U4U” was met with word-for-word backup rhyming by loyal heads, while “Get Dis Money” and “Tainted” caught the same response. “Selfish” garnered the most excitement from the audience as the tongue-in-cheek love song felt more like a sing a-long because of the old-school, “skating rink” intimacy of the venue. J Dilla’s spirit was felt throughout the night as the emcees constantly asked the crowd to shout back Dilla’s name during the set. Almost 10 years after his passing, he would’ve been proud that his legacy still lives on. ★★★★✩

Photos by Linda Evans

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