A Recipe For Vacation

Pineapple cocktail | Photo by Jon Estrada

Pineapple cocktail | Photo by Jon Estrada

Shot, Collins, beer and wine. Margarita, rocks and cocktail. Glasses let us evaluate what we’re about to ingest and, unless they’re cracked, do a great job of holding drinks. All hail, the glass. But what about a goblet or chalice? I finally got my chance to sip from a golden—well, copper chalice at the newly opened Andiron Steak & Sea. Absolut Elyx vodka supplied the heavy two-piece pineapple-shaped vessel, the top of which doubles as a pedestal when the drink is served. Southern Wine & Spirits mixologist J.R. Starkus supplied the recipe, which, as my server explained, “tastes like vacation.” As I’m about to take one of those, I figured I definitely needed one of these.

Priced at $28, the Pineapple Bump serves two and combines Absolut Elyx, Pineau des Charantes (a fortified wine from the Cognac region of France), pineapple juice, apple vinegar, fresh lemon sour and Fever Tree club soda. And it does indeed taste like vacation, maybe to the French Riviera.

Now about that chalice … Why a pineapple? For starters, it’s an age-old symbol of hospitality. “When we choose an account for the pineapple, we are choosing a partner that has the same core values as we do—integrity and great hospitality,” says Elyx “Agent” Kristen Schaefer. “Currently in the city there is only one account we have partnered with for the pineapple program: Elizabeth Blau’s Andiron. Blau is woman of integrity, and the perfect person to partner with to represent our vision.”

Pineapple Bump
As served at Andiron Steak & Sea, $28

In a cocktail shaker, combine 2 ounces Absolut Elyx vodka, 2 ounces Normandin Mercier Pineau des Charantes, 3 ounces pineapple juice, ½ ounce Pok Pok apple vinegar, 2 ounces fresh lemon sour. Add ice, cover and shake. Add 2 ounces Fever Tree club soda and strain over fresh ice into a copper pineapple and garnish with a lemon wheel. Serves two. (For individual cocktails, make half this recipe and strain over fresh ice into a Collins glass.)


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