Rivea’s Little Secret, Seafood From Another Mother and Impressions of the Pizza Expo

 Photo by Al Mancini

A Corvette Stingray’s pizza paint job. Photo by Al Mancini

As Mix by Alain Ducasse prepares to shut its doors this summer to make way for a new Ducasse concept, Rivea, atop the Delano, little is known about the facelift the space will undergo. But as I dined at Mix recently, some of the staff showed me an incredible space that will serve as the new restaurant’s private dining room. Tucked into the hotel’s north-end wing, with a series of service hallways currently connecting it to the main dining room, the space features a 180-degree view. And given the resort’s position at the Strip’s southern end, the room offers one of the city’s best vantage points for taking in the skyline. Amazingly, because it’s located so far from the main kitchen, Mix has been using this phenomenal space as a storage room!

Back down on ground level, a new west-side restaurant caught my attention this week. Other Mama (3655 S. Durango Dr.) quietly opened earlier this month, specializing in seafood, including traditional sushi and sashimi, ceviche, oysters, crudo and cooked dishes. All fish is either line-caught or sustainably farmed, and nothing is frozen. Chef Dan Krohmer has an interesting pedigree, having served as sous chef and sushi chef under Masaharu Morimoto in Philadelphia and as a touring chef for artists as diverse as Taylor Swift, Metallica, Jay Z and the Warped tour. The restaurant also features a cocktail program by former Tao bar manager Clint Thoman and David English of Life at the SLS. Look for a review soon.

Finally, I paid my first visit to the International Pizza Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center this week. Each year, the event draws the best in the world for various pizza competitions. Those are cool (Las Vegas’ own John Arena of Metro Pizza was among the judges), but like any trade show, the Expo was all about selling absolutely anything related to the world of pizza: tomatoes, flour, olives, cheese, pepperoni, dough mixers and mushrooms were all being hawked. I also got to see scantily-clad models serving chicken wings, two different vendors selling pizza costumes to draw attention to your store, a Corvette Stingray with a pepperoni pizza paint job and local gelato impresario Luciano Pellegrino representing his new business—and all of that was within my one-hour visit. Next year, I definitely plan to stay for more than just a slice.

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