Bambu Causes a Righteous Riot

Civilian Clothing, March 29


Bambu | Photo by Alexander Zayas

Civilian Clothing couldn’t find a more perfect flame for its Molotov logo than L.A.’s Bambu. Headlining the apparel company’s monthly free concert series, Sunday Riots, the militant-minded emcee packed every brash bar with potent lyrics delivered via a hellfire flow. It was less a concert than it was an education. He commanded the small stage—adorned with cutouts of cops in riot gear and Guantanamo prisoners—and crowd like a professor, the audience rapt in his raps about class, immigration and politics. You could literally see eyes opening when he spoke lines such as There is nothing that can justify the excess of living/While we still flood every last one of their prisons. All the while, the crowd obliged to his calls of gunshot sounds, chants of “Fuck the police” and the “I ain’t got no money” refrain from “Like Jay-Z.” Even when there were technical difficulties, Bam worked around them, going a cappella when the sound system cut out—his voice still echoing like a megaphone. ★★★✩✩

Photos by Alexander Zayas

Set List

Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’ 2009
Like Us
Chairman Mao
Pow Wow Drums
None Left
Militant Greetings
Like Jay-Z
Smoke Smarter
Rent Money
Slow Down
Iron Bam
Minimum Wage

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