Bazaar Meat’s Top Shelf Just Got a Whole Lot Heavier

Bazaar Meat Wine by Javon Issac

Bazaar Meat Wine by Javon Issac

Move over Methuselah and Nebuchadnezzar—something much larger is arriving at Bazaar Meat by José Andrés in SLS. Beginning in the first week of April, four 27-liter wine bottles will join the restaurant’s wine program. Surpassing the size of other large-format bottles named after Biblical kings, the 27-liter is referred to as a primat, which comes from the Latin word for leader. Wine from these bottles will be poured for guests and displayed in the restaurant’s main dining room.

By-the-glass selections will include: Sandhi Santa Barbara County pinot noir (vintage and price TBD); 2011 Qupé Bien Nacido Vineyard Syrah from Santa Maria Valley ($18); 2011 Fable Mountain Vineyards “Night Sky” red blend (syrah/mourvèdre/grenache) from South Africa ($18); and 2012 Leviathan Red (cabernet sauvignon/cabernet franc/merlot/syrah) from Napa Valley ($21).

One size down from the Melchizedek, the largest bottle size ever made, these rare bottles (you won’t find them anywhere else in Las Vegas) are massive, each standing about 3 feet tall, weighing 125 pounds, holding the equivalent of 36 750-milliliter bottles when full. One primat can pour up to 216 glasses of wine. Long cherished for gracefully aging wine, these super-size bottles also double as striking dining room showpieces.


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