Revealing the Shape Within

Le Passage by Cynthia Steadgains

Le Passage by Cynthia Steadgains

From newbies to seasoned sculptors, each artist in ROCK Stars has chipped and polished a block of alabaster into a fluid, thought-provoking symbol. The exhibit, on display in the Grand Gallery of City Hall through May 5, offers an array of shapes revealed by the rock-sculpting imaginations of the students of Las Vegas sculptor Sharon Gainsburg. Purple-rippled stone twists in an abstracted treble clef in the very first stone sculpture by Chuck Boxwell. A luminous white-veined orange torso by Doug Clark emerges from a chunk of rough-hewn stone, recalling a series of sculptures by Michelangelo of captives only partially released from stone. In another seemingly partial reveal, this one by Ann Bedlion, a spiral peeks out from the top side of its green stone housing like a seashell fossilized in stone. Nearby work by Kim Friesen entraps fire, a curling flame rising to a peak, simmering, frozen within yellow ochre shot through with cadmium red. In an era when advancing technology creates a dizzying list of ever-expanding mixed-media options, the classic contact between artist and stone is mentally refreshing in its skilled simplicity.

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