The Wait Is On for NHL Fans, Vince Neil and Fatburger

Illustration by Jon Estrada

Illustration by Jon Estrada

It’s Easter week, a time to celebrate rebirth; to shake off the lingering sloth of winter and embrace spring; to eat way too much ham. But while everyone gets all Cadbury and PAAS for Sunday, no one ever thinks about all the time JC’s 12 pals had to kill waiting for him to start the show. The anticipation had to be brutal. Lots of boredom runs to the Jerusalem Starbucks. Lots of time to look up ham recipes.

Which is kind of how it feels waiting for the NHL to finally announce its intentions in Las Vegas. According to an ESPN report this week, the season-ticket drive has surpassed the magic number of 10,000 deposits. Bill Foley, the head of the ownership group looking to bring Las Vegas its first major professional sports franchise, told Canadian sports news website that a formal announcement will be coming soon, possibly within a month. The NHL’s Board of Governors has its next meeting here June 24, and the board would have to make the formal invitation to Foley’s group to submit its plan for an expansion team.

Vince Neil is playing the waiting game, too. He’s still trying to regain control of his social media accounts, and is suing Oregon consultant Kristy Sinsara to get his passwords back, which establishes a legal precedent as the least rock ’n’ roll lawsuit of all time.

Neil says Sinsara promised she’d turn over access to his Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, but still hasn’t. This does not answer the question, though, of why in the hell the lead singer of Mötley Crüe needs a LinkedIn account. Things were so much better when singers could join bands the old-fashioned way: by word of mouth through mutually acquainted strippers.

Darin Feinstein is hanging by the phone until Floyd Mayweather gets hungry. In case you hadn’t heard, Mayweather switched to an all-organic diet in training for his upcoming fight against Manny Pacquiao, which means he had to give up Fatburger. And if there are two things Mayweather loves about Fatburger, they’re ordering the double kingburger and fighting T.I.

Feinstein, who owns the Fatburger on the Strip where Mayweather rumbled with T.I. last year, also owns the all-organic El Dorado Cantina. He had the chef there put together an organic Fatburger that Feinstein offered to have delivered to the Strip restaurant whenever Mayweather desires it. Any chance they make a version with all-organic rat poison for Justin Bieber?

About the only people who don’t have to wait around are Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. They can finally eat again: Beyoncé graced them with her presence March 28 at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards at the Orleans.

Williams took Music Video of the Year for “Say Yes,” which features Rowland and Beyoncé, and Bey came out to do a live performance. To answer your burning question: There is a zero percent chance that the clientele at the Orleans would have stopped smoking and playing video poker long enough to look up and notice Beyoncé waltzing through the casino floor.

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