Nekromantix Get Spooky

Vinyl at the Hard Rock, April 4


Nekromantix | Photo by Glenn Brogan

Rockabilly ain’t all Leave It to Beaver. Sometimes it’s more Creature from the Black Lagoon or The Screaming Skull. But, at the massive gathering of the tribes that is Viva Las Vegas, there’s room for every corner of the subculture and not one but two Nekromantix gigs. The horror-inspired psychobilly trio played LVCS Friday and hit the Hard Rock on Saturday, taking the stage in an appropriate glow of green neon and tearing through songs such as “Gargoyles of Copenhagen” and “Alice in Psycholand.”

“You enjoying the weekend?” asked frontman Kim Nekroman, swinging his “coffinbass” aside for a moment. Several members of the crowd hollered responses, one catching his ear. “That ain’t even legal!” he cried before launching into “Night Nurse,” another tune that ripped out at Cadillac V-8 speed. Guitarist Franc Mesa contributed part-surf, part-shred riffs as well as some Misfits-style “whoa oh-oh’s,” while manic drummer Adam Guerrero kept the pace racing, even during a drum solo. Halloween may be six months away, but we’ll take a spook, a shock and a song any time of year. ★★★✩✩

Photos by Glenn Brogan

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