The All-Togethers Take Us Back in Time, Dizzy Wright Channels Floyd Mayweather

Listen to the latest releases from local artists. In this week’s edition: hillbilly jazz outfit the All-Togethers share a stream of their new album, rapper Dizzy Wright has a knockout and Ben Harris drops a club anthem.

The All-Togethers – To the Sober Go the Spoils [Stream]

Acoustic quaret the All-Togethers always take us back in time with their “hillbilly jazz”—a fusion of 1920s hot jazz, folk and bluegrass. Keeping in their sonic tradition, their latest offering, the 10-track To the Sober Go the Spoils, recalls Prohibition-era back alleys and dusty barns. And though it might sound like it was unearthed from a time capsule, the band has a way of making it feel fresh and new. Ken Osborne fronts the quartet with his southern howl, banjo strumming and songs woven in Americana, with the rest of the band contributing crisp plucks of the upright bass, a delicate cello and nimble guitar. The album opens in a flurry with “Self-Defense” and keeps the toe-tapping tempo throughout, slowing down only for the boozy “Copper Angel” and chilly “When the Night Comes.” Grab your jug of bathtub gin and press play below. (Bonus: Watch their video for “Shadowboxing,” filmed at Velveteen Rabbit.)


Dizzy Wright – “Floyd Money Mayweather” [Video]

If Floyd Mayweather hasn’t picked his walk out music for “the fight of the century” on May 2 yet, here’s one to consider. Vegas native Dizzy Wright takes a break from his deep-thinking smoke-out joints to boast in Money fashion. It’s a simple song, but it serves its purpose: to amp you the fuck up. The bass will rattle your trunk and bones, and after a couple spins you’ll be shouting Hop out, lookin’ like Floyd Money Mayweather … runnin’ round Vegas finna get that knockout! The song is the second single from his forthcoming The Growing Process. If you’re searching for something a little deeper, then watch the video for the album’s first single, “Train Your Mind,” here.


Ben Harris – “Dat Ass Doe” [Download/Stream]

I wanted to hate this song. It had the makings of another trite club song: a laughable title, repetitve hook and a basic, toy keyboard-sounding beat purportedly produced by DJ Mustard (clearly one of his throwaways). But damn if Ben Harris can’t rap his ass off. He’s clever with tongue-twisting wordplay, and manages to work in sexual Willy Wonka, wrestling and sports references (’96 Shawn Kemp tomahawk that pussy”). It’s an undeniably fun song and, hey, I’m an ass man, too. “Dat Ass Doe” is the first single off his forthcoming All About the Green. Hopefully, he uses his lyrical skills for more than cliche rap.

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