Anchors Away, The Captains are Back

The Captains of Industry | Photo by Patrick Binder

The Captains of Industry | Photo by Patrick Binder

The Captains of Industry are back, and their fun ship will set sail at the opening of Daylight at Mandalay Bay on April 17.

The heavily bearded absurdist DJ duo—also well known in their own right as StoneRokk and Graham Funke—took a several-year hiatus from the Las Vegas scene. However, they still performed in other markets as well as indulged passions outside of music. They also recently left SKAM Artist and joined the roster of the Rich Group, a boutique artist agency.

“Both of us started to yearn for other outlets of creativity beyond the cohesion of philosophy and craftsmanship that is DJing,” Funke says. With a growing interest in real estate development, Stone says he spent the better part of a year in Ethiopia, overseeing a government building project. Graham says he focused on writing and was hired to script a film project for New Regency, the studio which produced both 12 Years A Slave and Birdman, movies which won the last two Oscars for best picture, respectively.

In their absence, Las Vegas daylife/nightlife has evolved, of course, but this was a challenge that sparked a fire in the hole, so to speak. “Just as the Captains were really starting to get an itch to re-immerse ourselves, BOOM, there were the good folks at Daylight, almost as if the moons had aligned,” Funke says. “Opening day at Daylight, obviously, is the maiden voyage, but there is a treasure trove of ideas and a spring of creativity that have been unearthed during this initial planning process. Thematically, musically, tonally … this party will be one for the books.”

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