Only Good Hair Days

Vegas-centric tress tips take you from dayclub to after-hours

Staci Linklater of Globe Salon helps you put your best 'do forward. | Photo by Jon Estrada

Staci Linklater of Globe Salon helps you put your best ‘do forward. | Photo by Jon Estrada

The relative humidity of the Mojave desert might be low, but there’s always the chance for an unexpected Champagne shower to wreak havoc on that ’do. Actually, factor in some smoky casino air and a chlorinated pool, and when you get right down to it, Las Vegas holds the potential for some very bad hair days. We cornered local expert Staci D. Linklater, director at Globe Salon (a Kerastase salon), and got her to share her favorite products, a few words of warning and a couple of tips to guide us to hair glory … and into a wormhole of Invisibobble YouTube styling videos.

How did you get into this field?

I always knew I had a passion and talent for hair. At age 3, I was already styling the hair on my baby dolls, and it wasn’t long after when I started experimenting on my friends … to varying degrees of success.

Hairdressers must hear as much gossip as bartenders. What’s the craziest thing a client has ever fessed up to in your chair?

It’s true! Hairdressers are often therapists to our guests, and people’s secrets are whispered in my chair all the time. But I’m just there to listen, not tell. I prefer to keep the trust.

What’s the most-requested celebrity hairstyle you’re getting from clients these days?

Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian, now that her extensions are gone. People want a more relaxed feel to their hair.

How do I club-proof my hairstyle?

It depends on how you wear it, but generally, you need something that holds the style and maintains the texture. Kerastase VIP is a great place to start. It provides an amazing texture foundation that will keep your hair looking fresh all night. Top it with Kerastase Laque Noire—a spray that will stop a bird in flight—and you are ready to work that dance floor all night!

I just got blasted with a Champagne shower. Is there anything I can do to quickly salvage my ’do, or is my night over?

Step into the bathroom, pat dry with a clean towel—the server should have rushed one to you—and whip out your Invisibobble, a unique hair tie that will let you quickly restyle into one of 12 easy looks that will keep the party going.

Chlorine, sun… dayclubbing is rough on my hair. How can I protect it?

The chlorine and sun exposure will definitely affect your hair’s color, whether it is natural or colored. Before hitting the pool, apply several pumps of Kerastase Elixir Oil and comb through your hair. It will create a barrier between it and the chlorine. But if you’re seriously concerned, you probably should wear a hat and stay out of the pool.

I just woke up, and I’m not in my own bed. Any tips for walk-of-shame quick fixes?

Again, a quick style with an Invisibobble is the answer. It allows you to do so much more than the shameful ponytail. For a little more help, use Touche Perfection; it will help tone down the bedhead frizzies.

Is it true I can use vodka to lighten my hair? What about lemon juice?

Uh, no, vodka will not lighten your hair. Lemon juice, however, will. But if you decide to try it, do so with caution, because it will be very drying to your hair. It is certainly not recommended for anyone who has dark hair.

What is this “tortoiseshell” trend all about?

It is a color technique similar to balayage in that no foils are used; it’s all hand painted. We blend the hair using many different tones, from blond to brunette, which gives the hair a naturally multidimensional appearance.

I’m a guy, and I want my hair to look good, too. What can I do to make my hair look styled while avoiding the Pauly D look?

It’s all about the right cut, and the right product to style it. You really need to start with a cut from a salon that embraces the gentleman and appreciates his desire to look great. Whether it is the classic, barber-style fade, or something longer, the cut and the product make the look.

Is there a temporary way I can jazz up, or “Vegas-ize,” my regular hairstyle for a big night out?

Shampoo it, towel dry, add some products to increase body, blow it out and add curls for glamorous head-turning hair. Or, you can always schedule a blowout and let us do the work. But at all costs, avoid the banana clip!

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