Martin Solveig Has Us Intoxicated

Following the release of his tipsy new single, Martin Solveig proves he still has some tricks up his sleeve


Dance fans may know Martin Solveig from his mainstream hits “Hello” with Dragonette and “Hey Now” with the Cataracs featuring Kyle. Solveig recently released “Intoxicated,” a track produced with Miami-based DJs GTA, complete with a quirky music video where the French DJ busts out some fly dance moves. On April 30, the Wynn Resort resident will open this season’s Encore Beach Club at Night parties where you can bust out your own moves, too.

Whose idea was the video for “Intoxicated,” and what inspired it?

The inspiration for the video is basically surrealism—and poking fun at dance in general. Since my second or third video in 2006, I have always come up with the concept of my videos. This one has something special: I didn’t direct it. Paul & Martin directed it. It was a collaboration.

What’s the story behind the lyrics?

I was in the studio with GTA, and we first worked on the instrumental. At some point, it was, “OK, let’s drop the vocals into it.” I had a couple of melodies in my head, so I just started to sing my melodies with whatever words came to mind. What came to mind first was, “You’ve got me intoxicated.” I had no interest in the exact meaning of that; I just liked that sound of “intoxicated.” It just makes the whole melody right. I tried 12 different sentences. I tried, “You are so sophisticated.” But nothing would sound even close to what we had with “intoxicated.”

So it’s not necessarily about being intoxicated?

People can get intoxicated if they want, but it’s not a message that I want to share or whatever. The way the lyrics sound is more important than their actual meaning.

Did it take you long to learn those sweet dance moves from the music video?

I’ve never been a dancer. I’ve never been able to memorize anything. There is a choreographer [on set], and I just repeat [the dance moves] on loop. We shoot it, and we skip to the next one. It is impossible for me to learn choreography. But I’m going to try to improve my choreography skills.

Do you enjoy dancing?

I suck at dancing. But I love to dance—I think that is most important.

What was it like to work with GTA?

We’ve known each other for a long time, and I love the guys because they are so laid back. I am a Parisian guy, so I am very, very stressed out. And they are always so cool. They [go in] late to the studio, and they order food. But eventually, the track gets done. That was my big lesson working with GTA. I stress, I wake up early, but I don’t get more work done than they do.

Do you plan to release more singles soon?

I have half-a-dozen tracks in the making. I’m very excited to move on and release them one by one.

What else do you have coming up?

At Coachella I’m going to unleash the things I’ve been working on the last six months. I have Vegas, where I have 10 shows this season. I have some plans in Ibiza. Then I do a couple of dates between L.A., New York, Miami, Paris and London. But it’s not gonna be, like, a world tour of 120 shows.

Have you ever done any touristy things while in Las Vegas?

In Vegas, my free time is shared with a lot of music making. I also go to the racetrack [Las Vegas Motor Speedway]—I apologize to planet Earth for using gas. I play golf or tennis. There are a lot of shows. I went to see Britney [Spears] in concert.

Did you like it?

Yeah, very much. I love Britney!

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