Pop-cultural Monuments


A trio of celebrity murders marked the ’90s. Pushed along by sensationalized media coverage, each one—Selena, Tupac Shakur and Nicole Brown Simpson—became embedded in our pop culture lexicon. In Car Show at the Clark County Government Center Rotunda Gallery, Justin Favela and Sean Slattery propose light-hearted memorials that focus on the vehicles associated with each crime. A red low-rider truck constructed from Favela’s signature piñata materials rests upon the floor, its bed filled with purple blossoms. The piece pays homage to the murder of Latin pop star Selena with the vehicle in which her murderess barricaded herself after the shooting. A small cardboard model of O. J. Simpson’s white Bronco drives upward into infinity, his “low-speed pursuit” never ending. Lastly, the flat silhouette of Shakur’s black sedan is situated on a gray pedestal as a memorial to the drive-by shooting of the rapper, which took place on Flamingo Road and Koval Lane. The tragic circumstance of these celeb-minority figures, amplified by mass media, has constructed monuments to them upon our cultural memory. Pay your respects through May 8.

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