Don’t Speak French? See Stromae Anyway

Photo by Frederic Legrand Comeo

Stromae | Photo by Frederic Legrand Comeo

Belgian singer-songwriter-rapper Stromae has found international success with catchy yet smart songs that tap into the zeitgeist. But when the French-speaking 30-year-old plays the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool on April 16 ($25) between Coachella weekends, will his language be a barrier? Stromae says it won’t be. He’d like to be considered no differently than if he were American. But in Las Vegas, how will his witty lyrics be understood?

“Even with a French-speaking audience, a lot of people don’t understand what I mean,” Stromae says, referring to his songs’ multiple layers of meaning. “People have the choice to decide what they want to listen to—just the music, the grooves, the beat.” Fortunately, his music offers all of the above, and more. “Entertainment is not just having fun and dancing,“ he says in accented English. “The definition of my show is more. There are so many ways to entertain. You can cry, you can laugh, you can be afraid. I’m trying to pass by all those emotions. I love to dance, so I will dance. I love sadness, I love happiness. I love human being, so that’s what my show’s about: human being.”

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