Drink Vodka, Save the Snow Leopards 

New Bottle Shot December 2013

Photo by Jon Estrada

In liquor stores now, Snow Leopard premium vodka will donate 15 percent of the price of each bottle sold to snow leopard conservation. Less than 5,000 endangered snow leopards exist today. They live high in the Himalayas and come into conflict with herding communities in the surrounding areas by preying on domestic livestock. As many herders live below the poverty line, they set traps to protect their livestock and sell the cats’ valuable pelts for extra income.

Money raised from the sale of the bottles helps fund insurance programs that provide herders with repayment when they lose a sheep or goat to predators. It also provides vaccinations to livestock, which mainly die from disease, and finances spindles to these communities, allowing herders to sell yarn for five times the amount of raw fleece, as well as eco-education programs for the children.

The vodka itself is made with spelt, an expensive grain whose husk protects it from external pollutants, and is distilled six times in small batches. It is fresh on the nose and has a creamy rich body of vanilla and pepper. So not only are you getting smooth vodka, you’re saving the snow leopards with each sip. Find at Lee’s, Total Wine and Liquor Outlet, $38.


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