Ellis Island Scores With Hail Mary


I had a good one for ya this week: a Bloody Mary loaded with a filet and a lobster tail in the drink. It was priced well and free to gamblers. Unfortunately, the deal was pulled before I could tell you about it. Bad beat! The good thing about Vegas, though, is that when one deal disappears, another often shows up.

In truth, “stacked” Bloody Marys are somewhat common around town. They come with all sorts of extras on a skewer or piled on top of (or in) the glass. They’re usually pricey, which is why I like the new build-your-own Bloody Mary deal at Ellis Island.

Served from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays from a station outside the casino’s Café, it comes with lemon and lime, celery stick, an olive or two, a strip of bacon, chicken and waffle, and all sorts of hot mix-ins—all for just $7! That’s about half the cost of similar concoctions in other venues.

The vodka is BJ Hooker’s out of Houston. Not exactly Grey Goose, but certainly good enough when you consider that the alcohol is secondary to the stacking in these drinks. The obvious “Are you serious?” component here is the chicken and waffle. It’s real. Someone came up with the idea to stick a mini waffle and a piece of breaded chicken on a skewer, and it works—even when dunked in the drink.

Not only can you get a double portion for $1 more, but you can add a big shrimp for $2. There are three reasons to consider paying the extra deuce: First, it’s a legitimate $2 prawn. Second, it adds to the anything-goes spirit of the drink. And most important, it absolutely makes for a great picture to put on your Instagram. Assuming you add the shrimp (but don’t go for the double), you’re out the door for $10, including $1 for the server, who deserves at least a buck for building that baby.

Now, I will say the system could use a little tweaking—the server has to constantly put on and take off a pair of rubber gloves to make the drinks and take payment—but having it made by a dedicated mixer, as opposed to a busy bartender, means you’ll get it your way (extra horseradish, please!). Entertainment and mini-buzz factors aside, you also won’t need to pay for breakfast (’cause you’re full), which makes the deal all the better.

Go on Sunday, and you can parlay this deal with a 2-for-1 special at Ellis Island’s Metro Pizza. Time it right—Metro opens at 11—and you can come away with your stacked Bloody Mary breakfast and a couple of large pizzas for dinner for about 20 bucks.

Ellis Island says it’s “continuing to add new items to keep it fresh and exciting.” That’s cool, but how do you beat chicken and waffle on a stick?

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor.