Festival Founder Robert Scott Foretells the Future of Further Future


The Further Future festival—a three-day desert gathering of forward-thinking individuals May 1-3 at the Moapa River Indian Reservation—is expected to attract esteemed speakers, host wellness programs, promote exciting technology and feature a bangin’ lineup of musical artists. The goal of the inaugural event is to bring together like-minded people to focus on improving society through technology, health and other spiritual and physical initiatives, co-founder Robert Scott says. Scott is a corporate finance, media and entertainment lawyer who identifies with the Robot Heart collective, a group of Burning Man aficionados who take to the playa each year to host their own art car during the event.

Further Future is awarding invite codes for tickets based on a selection process. Why did you choose to go that route?

[We want to] focus less on an event and a festival [and more] on building a movement and a ground for a common understanding. It allows us to develop a much more rewarding event for everybody. [We want to] make sure that everyone who is coming understands what it’s about, where we’re coming from and what we’re trying to do as a community.

Is there a specific type of person you’re looking for?

We certainly don’t have selection criteria. We don’t look for rich people, poor people, pretty people or whatever. What we tend to find is, people reach out, and it’s pretty clear that they get it right off the bat. It’s very rare that we would have somebody who really misses the mark. Maybe it’s a self-selecting situation; anyone who reaches out to us has already given it some thought.

And what is the festival’s goal?

The festival is, in a sense, a mechanism for furthering a vision that we have. It’s something that we can do as a group to improve and advance in areas of our society. To do something that is meaningful in healing some bad things out there, or at least put a more positive spin on our day-to-day lives. We try to focus—at least for that weekend—on looking past the present, getting away from everything that you’re doing in your day-to-day life, and looking into a place where there are no limits on thinking and who you can be.

further_future_no_credit_WEBDo you have any experience putting together an event of this magnitude?

I’ve done a multiple-day event in New York, but it wasn’t a camp-out, 24-hours a day thing. We had about 9,500 people over two days, but it was more like two parties in a row than a huge event. 0ur festival director has probably done 800 events and festivals and our production leader, Blake Ferry, is based out of Vegas. He has done countless productions at the highest level, with thousands of shows behind him. So it’s an extremely experienced production team.

The musical aspect is pretty easy to grasp from the website. But it’s more than just a music festival, right?

The music, as you say, it’s very clear. We have a lot of experience through Robot Heart and the events that we’ve done with putting together a good music event and getting it right. I’m very excited for that lineup. The other things—from the speaker series and the wellness program to the science and technology—they will be there for people to check out.

What is the idea behind the wellness programs, speakers and tech offerings?

[These things] touch on other aspects of our lives within our group and other things that we may personally have an interest in. The environment that we’re trying to create is a really cohesive, sharing community where people can not only be a part of these talks or see these technologies, but also be in an environment where they can actually absorb them and discuss them and celebrate around them. Then, new ideas spawn and we get interesting conversations from people who are in this environment with this kind of stimulus hitting them. We aspire to create an engine for new thoughts and new ideas as a result.

Can you reveal specifics about these programs?

These people are basically coming to speak gratis, because they believe in the vision and they’re excited to participate. [The speaker series] draws on the business world, particularly in entrepreneurship where we as a group have a lot of grounding. We [have] a reasonably focused speaker program with six to eight speakers. We have the founders of Soundcloud.com, Kayak.com and the founder of Evernote. We have the head of Google X—they do the self-driving cars, Google Glass and that kind of crazy stuff.

What else do you want people to know about this festival?

An important, meaningful part of Further Future is the part about optimism and trying to do great things as a society. Why can’t we have a positive, optimistic look on how things might go [in the future]? Why don’t we start focusing on what we can do right?

Find more information and apply for tickets at Furtherfuture.com.

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