Puck’s Postrio to Close Sunday

The patio at Postrio. Photo by Jeff Green.

The patio at Postrio. Photo by Jeff Green.

Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio in the Grand Canal Shoppes will close its doors permanently after this Sunday night’s service. The news came to me from Puck himself, as we were chatting at Spago in Caesars Palace. And he wasn’t shy about revealing the reason.

“When we started, it was very successful and everybody made their money,” he explained. “But the rent is so expensive, it’s basically $100,000 a month. So where we make money the first six months [of the year], then we lose it in the summer, or in the bad months in the fall.”

He had considered putting a new concept in the space, but the finances simply didn’t make sense.

“I thought ‘Are we gonna remodel it or not?’” the chef told me. “Then I said, ‘You know, we would remodel it if we could really renew it, maybe a new concept and everything, if we could get a better lease deal.’ But we can’t. So we decided to close it down.”

While the restaurant will be missed by many, Puck fans can take solace in the fact that he still has restaurants in The Forum Shops, The Palazzo, Mandalay Bay, Crystals, The MGM Grand and Downtown Summerlin.