Wild Moth Brings the Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

The Bunkhouse Saloon, April 22


Wild Moth | Photo by Myron Hensel

Wild Moth had to carry the weight of two canceled performances after headliner Whirr and opening band Alaska dropped at the last minute. The San Francisco quartet seized the opportunity by delivering a short, but sweet set that was well worth the $5 admission. The young musicians appeared as high school outcasts from different cliques who, thankfully, joined together to create impressive ’90s-inspired fuzz punk reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr. Blazing through seven songs from its succinct discography, the band provided the enthusiasm of a high school group, too. Singer/bassist Carlos Salas channeled his inner Dee Dee Ramone when he furiously swung the headstock of his bass during “Into Your Hands.” Drummer Cal Tung desperately fought through the buzz of “Behave,” smashing his cymbals so he could be heard. The result was a hazy, euphoric wall of sound that came and left as fast as the opening notes of “Souvenir (No Future).” Not bad for a pack of kids who barely look old enough to play a bar. ★★★✩ ✩

Photos by Myron Hensel


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