A “Little River Band” Tribute to Little River Band

The Cannery, April 25

Little River Band | Photo by Alexander Zayas

Little River Band | Photo by Alexander Zayas

This late ’70s supergroup is a veritable Band of Theseus. In a series of lineup changes beginning in the early ’80s, it has seen the replacement of all of its founding members. The current crew still nails the pop-rock aesthetic and carries it into 2013’s Cuts Like a Diamond with “The Lost and the Lonely” and “I’m an Island.” Still, Cannery books nostalgia bands, and as frontman Wayne Nelson wryly observed after a shouted request for a decades-old hit, “We’ll get to it, I promise. If we play them all at once, everybody leaves.”

And they did “get to it,” although given the issues surrounding Little River Band’s canceled appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this year, it wasn’t clear they’d be allowed to play iconic hits such as “Reminiscing” and “Happy Anniversary.” The band put out some solid work: “Cool Change” and “Lonesome Loser” are still great songs. But is there any difference between hearing this “Little River Band” play them and hearing Las Vegas’ Yellow Brick Road play them? ★★★✩✩

Photos by Alexander Zayas

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