The Duelle Sisters Were Born to Perform

The Miami siblings bring a new live show to their devoted fan base

Photo by Jason "OhDagyo" Fenmore

Photo by Jason “OhDagyo” Fenmore

Duelle, a sister act from Miami, will play their first Las Vegas club show on June 5 at Marquee Dayclub. And you can expect Danielle and Gabrielle Verderese to go beyond the call of typical DJ duty.

How did you get started in the business?

Danielle: We’ve been performing our whole lives. We started dancing when we were about 3, and started singing around 11 or 12, taking voice lessons and doing musical stuff like that. About six years ago, we started recording original music. It just slowly transformed into us doing dance music and now being DJs. We started out doing pop stuff and moved to hip-hop, and found our path with EDM.

What prompted you to add DJing to your résumé?

Gabrielle: We’ve been vocalists for years, and that was always our strong point. We’re just now starting to learn how to produce. We’ve always been involved when a producer was working on our tracks and when we record the vocals. But recently, we’ve been sitting down with the producers and co-producing our stuff. We went to high school and college for dance, and we needed a change. We started focusing on doing something bigger. As a dancer, you can only make so much of a name for yourself. And we were like, “We want to do something bigger.”

Who taught you to mix?

Danielle: We taught ourselves.

From where do you pull inspiration for your music?

Gabrielle: It’s hard to even name [specific] artists. We’re inspired by a lot of different types of artists and all genres. We’re really into hip-hop. And then there are big live shows, such as Porter Robinson. It’s more than just DJing. Lyrically, we write our own music and everything comes from experience, whether it’s things that we’ve been through on this journey, the struggle of trying to get respect, and of course a lot of our music is about relationships. We kind of pool those emotions and feelings, and put that into our lyrics.

You have said that you’re into such mainstream pop stars as Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. Is your goal to become commercial pop stars?

Gabrielle: They’ve been big influences on us over the years, for sure. I think that [EDM] has given us a great platform for us to grow from the underground and build our way up. One of our goals actually is to perform at the Video Music Awards. And DJing became a platform for us to get out there and perform and showcase our music.

Do you each have your own musical strongpoint, or do you work together on every aspect of your performance?

Gabrielle: Danielle, she’s the main songwriter. She’s been doing that since she was 10. Everything else, like DJing, we kind of just feed off of each other. Same with singing and dancing.

Will you sing live during your Marquee set?

Danielle: Most likely, which will be pretty cool.

What else can the crowd expect?

Danielle: We have really sick visuals that are behind us the whole time. The intro is like a movie, and it was filmed out in L.A. You get to see our personalities throughout our entire set—it’s super badass. We’re DJing, and we added the live vocals aspect to it, the rapping and singing it out. [We haven’t added] dancing yet; we’ll probably do that at the right time.

For our tour, down the line, the vision is to have trained dancers onstage performing with us. We’ll be back there DJing and singing live, and then running to the front of the stage and doing dance choreography and stuff like that. You won’t know if you’re at a hip-hop concert or an EDM rave or a dance concert.

It’s gonna be cool, because it’s a little taste of everything for everyone to enjoy. It’s something that hasn’t been done before. [So far], the fans are really taking to it.

You have a pretty cult-like following, don’t you, the #DMNDMOB (Diamond Mob)?

Gabrielle: The fans in the dance-music scene, there’s nothing like it. They are ride-or-die fans.

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