Of Wine and Sound

Alexandra lE

Alexandria Le

Wine never tasted (or sounded) so good until Alexandria Le, a Las Vegas native and classical concert pianist, was sipping a glass of chardonnay during a performance of Antonín Dvorák’s String Quartet No. 12. This was her inspiration for creating the ultimate sensorial pairing between classical music and wine. Eight years later, the Carnegie Hall performer has left her vibrant New York City career to return to Las Vegas to present the inaugural Las Vegas Wine & Music Festival on June 11-13 at the Nevada State Museum at the Springs Preserve ($79, three–night pass $200, LasVegasWineAndMusic.com).

“Classical music can be viewed as pretentious, snobby or un-relatable,” Le says. “I’m here to repackage the concert experience. I believe that pairing wine with music will melt the ice and let people have a stimulating and fun experience.”

The musical program will be unique to each of the three nights, featuring an all-star roster of musicians, among them a nine-time Grammy award-winning violinist, three Juilliard music professors and a Canadian cellist, who is the instrument loan recipient of the 1696 Stradivarius Bongiorno cello from the Canadian Arts Council. Las Vegas artists will also be spotlighted.

Between the 20-to-30-minute sets, intermissions will allow guests to grab the next wine pairing. Le will introduce the work, and the festival’s resident sommelier, Jaime Smith of Charlie Palmer Steakhouse, will explain the characteristics of the wine that was chosen to pair with each piece of work.


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