Kryoman Isn’t Just a Visual Nightclub Spectacle—He’s Also a DJ and Producer

Kryoman | Photo by Danielle Terenzio

Kryoman | Photo by Danielle Terenzio

Andrew Moore is a robot. He’s the man behind Kryoman, a robotic visual production, which has toured with David Guetta, Steve Aoki and the Black Eyed Peas, among others. Within the last few years, Moore has added DJing and production to the Kryoman live show, which you can witness when Moore and his ’bots accompany Steve Aoki on May 21 at Hakkasan.

How long does it take to design and produce your robots?

The most recent one was in the pipeline for about six months, and I turned out two of them in about six weeks.

And they’re entirely handmade?

Everything is always handmade from scratch.

How many robots have you created over the years?

We’ve done about 10 variations in 10 years. Every year, we upgrade and do different things.

With which artists have your creations toured?

Three of them were signed to major artists’ tours. One of the creations was signed to David Guetta’s world tour; we did three world tours with him, more than 1,500 concerts in three years. Another was signed to the Black Eyed Peas’ E.N.D. World Tour, which we did over a couple of months. And then we had another one that got signed to Steve Aoki’s tour; that’s done more than 1,000 shows with him. So out of the 10, three were for really heavy-hitting shows that toured with some really big artists. We [also] had a couple of tours with Nicki Minaj, Akon and people like that.

What will the Hakkasan production look like?

They look like two giant, glossy, futuristic, Robocop kinda things. They’re fuckin’ crazy. I use these high-powered military-style EMS [emergency medical service] lights on the robots. It doesn’t use LED [lights], like on all of the projects before. In the last 10 years, I’ve been using a specific style of LEDs. This brand-new project has these blocks that have focused beams of light. Instead of seeing the robot glow when you look at it, it has beams coming out of it, like laser beams. The haze in the club picks it up. These are focused, concentrated beams of light. It’s really weird shit.

Do you have photos of these new ’bots?

Oh, hell no! This thing is so bright you can barely photograph it. You have to see it in person to experience it.

You went from primarily performing with the various robot costumes to DJing. What sparked that shift?

I’ve been playing for about a couple of years now. We were doing a lot of shows [with the robots] and we wanted to bring the act together as one independent live act on its own.

Andrew Moore a.k.a. Kryoman | Photo by Danielle Terenzio

Andrew Moore a.k.a. Kryoman | Photo by Danielle Terenzio

Have you been DJing the whole time?

About two years ago, I jumped out of the [Kryoman] suit and started DJing and producing. I have my other guys in the [robot] suits as well. The Kryoman live show launched two years ago, playing all of the festivals, like Ultra worldwide and stuff like that.

What type of music do you make?

Right now, I’m producing a lot of bass house music, wubby style. It’s a kind of house music that’s derived from dubstep origins. Also a lot of high-energy electro, jungle, terror—anything that will keep people on their toes and keep good energy going on in the party.

What artists are you really into  right now?

AC Slater, Zeds Dead, Drezo, Jauz, Destructo, Dyro and a little bit of Destroid.

What’s something really cool that happened to you this year?

I just [DJ’d] the Ultra main stage in Miami. That was pretty amazing.

Do you plan to put out an EP or an LP any time soon?

I’m putting down the foundation for this new sound that I’m working on right now. By the end of the year, I’m gonna follow up with an EP. But right now, I’m just testing out the water, doing fast releases every month to try to see what my fan base is really into and see what I prefer to produce. I do play for myself, but I also play for the crowd. I can’t enjoy myself if people aren’t having a good time.

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