E-40 Turns Las Vegas into ‘Bay Area East’

Hard Rock Café, May 17

Photo by Glenn Brogan

Photo by Glenn Brogan

Although hip-hop is nearly 40 years old, it’s still considered a young man’s “game.” But artists such as Jay Z, LL Cool J and the legendary Bay Area-emcee E-40 are still able to create mainstream rap music for the masses even after the age of 40. “Yay Area” set things off early and gave the Northern California attendees a reason to constantly scream, “YAY AREAAAAAAAAAA!” Old-school classics such as “Captain Save a Hoe,” “Sprinkle Me” and E-40’s legendary verse on the Luniz classic, “I Got 5 On It (remix)” were welcome surprises. Newer hits—“Choices,” “Tell Me When to Go” and E-40’s “Candy (Drippin’ Like Water)” verse—treated the audience to a taste of Bay Area flavor that the 47-year-old has been giving us for more than 25 years. ★★★✩✩

Photos by Glenn Brogan

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